What is a policy committee?

A policy committee is a forum that meets at least once a year, for employers and members to voice their opinions and ideas about their BT Super Plan. A policy committee provides an avenue for members to provide input into the operation, investment strategy and performance of the plan.

Where employers have 50 or more employees, or where five or more employees wish to establish one, a policy committee is required. BT is able to provide comprehensive tools and support to assist you in establishing and managing your policy committee, including step-by-step guidance and templates of documents you might need to use with employees or in meetings. Larger super plans can obtain additional support from their Relationship Manager to establish and manage their policy committee.

You can download our Employer’s Guide to Policy Committees to help you set up a policy committee.

  1. You need a mix of both member and employer representatives. You must always have the same number of eemployer and member representatives on your policy committee, with no less than two and no more than five from each side. employer representatives don’t need to be plan members.
  2. Nominate one employer representative as your Electoral Officer.
  3. Draft communication materials or download a policy committee toolkit.
  4. Call for a nomination of member representatives at least four weeks before an election. Announce nominees three weeks before the election. Please note that if you receive the right number of nominees to complement your policy committee, you do not need to call an election.  An election is only necessary if you need to reduce the number of nominees e.g. if there are two member representative vacancies and you have received five nominations.
  5. Elect member representatives, giving at least two week’s notice to members before the election. Appoint the elected representatives within three days of the election and declare results no more than 7 days after the appointments.
  6. Advise BT of the names of policy committee representatives.
  7. Hold the first meeting, letting all members know about the date. Send signed meeting minutes to BT.


  • It’s a requirement that the policy committee meet at least every 12 months.

  • Member representatives can be elected for up to three years and there is no limit on how long Employer representatives can stand for.

  • There are specific timings you must follow when it comes to nominating and electing member representatives. Please see 'Setting up your policy committee' in the Employer Resources section of this site.

  • You need to send the policy committee meeting notice to plan members and any other relevant parties to tell them about the meeting. This gives them a chance to raise questions or topics.

  • The policy committee can only act on a resolution if two thirds of the representatives have voted for it in the meeting. Each representative has one vote.

  • All changes to the policy committee must be reported to BT.

Policy committee meetings must be held every 12 months. The Record Keeper takes minutes and at the end the Chairperson and Record Keeper must sign the minutes before sending to BT. We suggest the following agenda for meetings:

  1. Confirm minutes of previous meeting are correct
  2. Review documentation on the plan (e.g. number of members, where they are invested and any major trends)
  3. Discuss the investment performance of the plan
  4. Discuss issues/concerns that have been submitted by plan members
  5. General business
  6. Decide next meeting date
  7. Close.