A super and insurance plan, just for you

At BT we understand you want to spend your time running your business rather than managing your super fund. Our standard product includes a range of investment choices, flexible insurance and service options, an electronic contribution method and access to advice and investment education. Of course, we can also provide a more tailored solution if you require.

How BT Super can benefit your business and your employees

Your employees can relax knowing they have the financial security of a super fund that will grow with them until their retirement, and an insurance plan that covers them should the worst happen. You can feel secure that your business is meeting MySuper requirements, at a competitive cost to your employee, as well as providing a simple electronic contribution system for all employees no matter where their super is, reducing the burden on your payroll team.

For your business

  • Compliance

    The BT Lifetime Super – Employer Plan is compliant with MySuper regime.

  • Insurance for your employees

    The plan includes the required Standard Cover for your employees.


    Payroll made easy

    Online clearing house makes paying employee super contributions simple and quick.

  • QuickSuper is the secure online administration system for employers to administer super contributions. The all-in-one online portal is designed to help you save time and money. It allows employers to make just one payment for all employees through a single screen. QuickSuper is also SuperStream compliant. 

    • Client Service centre– a dedicated phone support team to assist in managing your plan.
    • Phone-based and online training for BT Online Employer.
    • Policy Committee reporting.

    • Easy 1,2,3 digital sign-up process.
    • New employee support through clear and easy Induction kits.

  • News

    • Employer Quarterly News



    • BT Insights blog has economic updates and an educational series
    • Davidson Institute
    • Ruby Connection
    • Employer website – this site has information on how to manage your plan and updates on your legislative obligations.

    • Tailoring options Insurance
      All employees in your Plan must be provided with a minimum level of Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance as part of MySuper. However with BT Super, you have the flexibility to customise your Plan’s insurance design to ensure your workforce is adequately covered for the unexpected.
    • Tailored on-boarding
      Typically for businesses over 100 employees, an Onboarding Manager will work with your business and facilitate a smooth fund transition while our Member Consultants will typically visit your workplace and conduct face-to-face seminars to employees.
    • Dedicated Relationship Managers
      For eligible companies a Relationship Manager will work with your HR Director and Senior Management to help solve complex issues regarding your plan and help to engage your employees with their super, provide Policy Committee support and secretarial services.
    • Dedicated Client Executive support
      Eligible businesses will be provided access to a dedicated Client Executive who will provide administration and payroll support.

For your employees

  • BT MySuper Lifestage investment option

    This simple yet powerful default option invests each member’s super to a portfolio of assets that reflects their needs based on their age.
    BT Lifestage Investment

  • Standard Cover Insurance

    $300,000 of Death and Permanent Disablement cover (exclusions for TPD apply for certain conditions).


    Benefits Now

    Your employees can obtain a range of great deals on financial and lifestyle products. The program is free for all employees on your plan, and they’re automatically registered once they join your plan.

    Benefits Now

  • Automatic registration to our secure member site, BT Online (BTO).  BT members have access to easily manage their super; view their balance and transactions; make additional contributions; and switch investment option(s).

    • Dedicated phone-based Super Specialists to answer queries or assist with changes to their super.


    Access to:

    • General Advice (phone)
    • Limited Advice (phone)

    • Digital, online sign-up process.
    • Complimentary Super Search service.
    • Access to clear and concise multi format information, so making a choice about their super is easy.

  • News

    • Prepare: quarterly member newsletter


    • BT Insights blog has economic updates and an educational series.
    • Davidson Institute
    • Ruby Connection
    • Employee website – your employee can find educational videos, tools and calculators on a website made especially for them.


    • BT YouTube channel delivers ‘how to’ videos
    • BT Facebook page has 21,000 followers
    • BT Twitter has 2,000 followers who are updated on everything from economic news to tips on how to save for your kids’ education.

    • Investment Choice
      For those employees who want to take an active role in selecting their investments, we have an extensive investment menu with over 40 investment choices managed by a selection of Award-winning fund managers.  Each investment choice carries an additional investment management fee. View the Investment menu
    • Upgrade from Standard Cover
      BT has flexible insurance options to suit the varying needs of your employees. As part of MySuper, employees will get Standard Insurance Cover (unless the employer has tailored the Plan) which they can choose to personalise through a number of optional upgrades.  Your employees will find the details of their insurance in their Welcome Kit.  To find out more, they should read the Insurance Guide.
    • Workplace seminar series
      For eligible businesses, we offer onsite educational seminars.
    • Workplace one-on-one super consultations
      For eligible businesses, we offer onsite one-on-one super consultations with a Member Consultant.

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