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At BT we believe in preparing our members for their best possible financial future. This includes ensuring that we understand people’s financial interests and needs as they change over time. We’ve developed a broad advice offering so that we can give the best type of advice to your employees at any time during their super journey.

General Advice

General Advice is advice that might be relevant to a range of people, but doesn’t take into account your own personal goals and financial situation. It’s for anyone who needs information to enable them to make their own decision about their super.


Our team will contact your employees shortly after they join BT. The intention of these calls is to welcome them to BT and to help them gain a better understanding of their super account, their investment options and insurance.  They’ll also help your employees find lost or ATO-held super and combine it into their super account.


Limited Advice

Limited Advice is more personalised than General Advice as the adviser takes into account the member’s personal and financial situation as it relates to the limited topics on which they are providing advice.  Advice is given over the phone usually in two to three sessions.  After these conversations, the member is presented with a Statement of Advice detailing their individual recommendations.


BT MySuper members are currently able to receive Limited Advice on three super topics:

1.    Insurance Needs

Ensuring members are adequately covered in the event of illness, disability or death.


2.    Investment Selection

Ensuring members’ super is invested in line with their own risk appetite.


3.    Retirement Adequacy

Helping members understand what they’ll need when they retire and equipping them with the strategies to get there.


Note: Depending on the topic a cost may be applicable which can be paid via the member’s super balance, which means they won’t have any out-of-pocket expense.


Comprehensive Advice

Sometimes General or Limited Advice may not be appropriate based on the member’s unique circumstances. During our conversations with members we may refer them to seek Comprehensive Advice should the need be identified.


As part of the Westpac Group our members have access to over 1,500 financial planners operating out of over 1,200 branches nationwide. Within the group we have four banking aligned financial advice channels: 

  • Westpac Financial Planning
  • St George Financial Planning
  • Bank SA Financial Planning
  • Bank of Melbourne Financial Planning


We also have two aligned external financial advisory channels, Magnitude and Securitor and strong relationships with the large majority of financial practices in Australia. We can also refer our members to a number of External Financial Advisers where appropriate or to an Adviser where their employer already has an existing relationship.


Note: Typically the first appointment is free, however a cost for the advice will be applicable and agreed up front.


Let us come to you

We can arrange for a Financial Planner to see a member in their local Westpac Group branch (Westpac, St. George, Bank of Melbourne, Bank SA) or at their home.

Day-to-day questions

Our team of Super Specialists are your first point of contact. They’re comprehensively trained in super and are able to answer all the day-to-day questions members have about:

  • how to combine their super
  • providing consent to carry out a search to find lost and ATO-held super
  • information on balances, insurances, and process queries.  



Financial advice over the phone

Our phone-based Advice can answer questions your employees might have across all wealth products and services, including super, insurance and investments. These Advice Consultants are qualified to give General Advice with a portion of them having formal financial planning qualifications and able to provide Personal Advice on limited topics (Limited Advice). We can also refer our members to a number of External Financial Advisers where appropriate or to an Adviser where their employer already has an existing relationship.

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