How to onboard and exit employees in and out of BT Super

As an employee begins a new job, or leaves an existing one, super is something that too easily slips to the back of their mind. We’ll help introduce your employees to BT when they first arrive and help protect the super that they have in place with BT when they leave your workplace.

There is an overwhelming amount of information that employees need to understand when joining a new employer. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for both employers and employees to understand the benefits of super with BT.


As a guide:

  1. Let your employee know that BT Super is your workplace default fund. For larger funds, we make tailored induction kits available, otherwise you can provide a summary of the benefits of BT Super which are available here. Offer the employee a Standard Choice form in case they would like to select a different super fund.
  2. The employee can complete the online form to join BT and rollover existing super funds. The form will also allow them to apply to rollover existing insurance and/or select additional insurance cover.
  3. Add the new member to BTOE.


Employees may choose to submit contributions to another fund outside BT, in which case BTOE’s Clearing House facility gives employers the option to make one payment that will be divided and distributed to multiple super funds. 

You can exit an employee from your business super plan when you make their final contribution payment.

  1. Login to the online portal and select BT Members.
  2. Find the member you wish to exit and select their name, then enter the necessary information.


Helpful information for your employee

When an employee leaves your organisation, they can still keep BT as their super fund. The employee will simply need to:

  1. Fill out the BT Lifetime Super – Employer Plan Choice of Super Fund form or the BT Business Super – Fund Choice of Super Fund form (depending on what plan you're in, one of these should be given to the new employer).
  2. Fill out the Details form with the new employer details (to be sent to BT).


By filling out the Choice of Super Fund form, the employee won't need to fill out the Standard Choice Form when they start their new job and they won't have to go through the hassle of changing super investments, insurance arrangements, online PINs, and passwords.