Making super contributions

Contributing to your employees’ super doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s our aim to ensure the process is as straightforward as possible. The QuickSuper administration system is our current online portal for making contributions and includes a clearing house facility giving you the option to make one payment that will be divided and paid to multiple super funds.

In most cases, you are required to contribute a percentage of each employee’s salary to their super. This mandatory contribution is called Super Guarantee (SG). The SG is currently set at 9.5% of an employee’s ordinary time earnings. You may be required to pay more contributions under an industry award or other industrial agreement.


If an employee has signed a Choice of Super Fund and elected a fund other than BT Super you must pay the Super Guarantee contribution into the fund they selected (as long as it is a complying fund).

There are three different ways to prepare contributions:

1.    Contribute using an online e-form

This option suits employers making contributions for less than 40 members. Simply enter the contribution amounts in the screen next to the name of your employee.

2.    Contribute using the standard QuickSuper

This option is best suited if you have more than 40 employees that are members of your BT Super plan as you can upload payment details from your existing systems into a spreadsheet.

3.    Use your own payroll file

If you have your own payroll system, you can use it to upload contributions. You will need to register your payroll file with QuickSuper if you have not previously done so, or if your payroll file has changed since you last registered it with QuickSuper.


Find more information on authorising contributions, viewing contributions and setting up a direct debit facility in the BT QuickSuper website.

Employees who wish to organise contributions from their before-tax salary (called salary sacrifice) must complete the Payroll Deduction Authority form for you to process.

Your employees can set up a BT Super account for their spouses, into which both partners can make after-tax contributions. Spouses can also apply for insurance cover and have access to the broad range of investment options. 

You can make voluntary contributions that are in addition to any award or Super Guarantee (SG) requirements. However, you should consider that there are limits (known as ‘caps’) that apply to individuals when making additional contributions to super. Contributions exceeding these caps may have additional tax and charges applied to them. There are caps for both concessional (before-tax) contributions and non-concessional contributions. See the cap amounts on the ATO website.


The end of financial year is quickly approaching, if your employees have requested you to make additional contributions on their behalf prior to 30 June 2016, the following options are available:


  • BT Online Portal – contributions for members of your BT Super plan may be made via the portal up to 4.00pm (Sydney time) on 30 June 2016. Please note: last-minute contributions for your employees who don’t have a BT Super plan should be made at least 10 business days prior to 30 June 2016, i.e. by 16 June 2016.
  • Bpay® – the contribution will generally be received by BT before 4.00pm (Sydney time) on the business day after you request your financial institution to make payment, provided that the request is made before your financial institution's cut-off time (usually 6pm Sydney time). We recommend you allow at least two business days to ensure your contributions reach us in time.

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