What is a policy committee?

A policy committee is a forum for members to voice their opinions and to make enquiries about your company’s BT super plan. The policy committee provides a point of contact for BT to better understand your employees’ specific needs and issues. Setting one up is simple with the Policy Committee Kits that BT provides.

Where a policy committee is set up it must have at least four representatives: two employer representatives nominated by you and two member representatives nominated by your employee members. There must be equal representation of member and employer representatives with no less than two representatives, and no more than five representatives from each party.

Step 1: Nominate a returning officer

The returning officer is someone in your company who is responsible for forming the policy committee and ensuring that it meets the following requirements:

  • Member representatives are current members of the BT Super plan.
  • There’s an equal number of employer and member representatives.
  • No member representatives are directly appointed by the employer.
  • All members of the plan have an equal opportunity to participate.


Step 2: Call for member representatives

Notify members that a policy committee is being established and make a call for member nominations. You can use the Nomination Form Template. Members can nominate themselves or other members.


Step 3: Collect and review all nominations

Once nominations are closed, the returning officer will need to collate all the nominations and eliminate any ineligible ones (for example, the nominees who are not members of the fund).


Please note that if you receive the right number of nominees to complement your Policy Committee, you do not need to call an election.  An election is only necessary if you need to reduce the number of nominees e.g. if there are two member representative vacancies and you have received five nominations.


If an election needs, you can use the Ballot Form Template to allow your employees to vote.


Step 4: Nominate employer representatives

Nominate the employer representatives for the committee. They can be selected following the same eligibility criteria as for member representatives.


Step 5: Notify BT and your employees of their policy committee representatives

Once the policy committee is formed, you need to notify members and BT who the representatives are. Please send your notification to BT by completing the Policy Committee Details Form.

It’s recommended that the policy committee meet at least once a year. You can use the Policy Committee Meeting Agenda Template to help get you started.

An election of member representatives of the committee must be called at least once every four years. BT will notify you when your committee is approaching the end of its four-year term. Learn more about your policy committee responsibilities.