Your super fund, your choice

You can usually have your super your contributions made to the employer’s default super fund, or elect for your super to be made to another super fund by completing the Standard choice form and submitting it to your employer.

Most employees are eligible to choose which super fund their Super Guarantee (SG) contributions are paid into. This includes employees who are:

  • employed under a federal award
  • employed under a former state award, now known as a 'notional agreement preserving state award'
  • employed under another award or industrial agreement that doesn't require super support
  • not employed under any state award or industrial agreement, including contractors employed wholly or principally for their labour.

You may not be eligible to choose which super fund your Super Guarantee (SG) contributions are paid into if:

  • Your employer super contributions are made under a federal industrial agreement such as

−       Collective Agreement

−       Pre-reform Certified Agreement

−       Old Industrial Relations (IR) Agreement

−       Individual Transitional Employment Agreement (ITEA)

−       Workplace Determination

−       Enterprise Agreement

−       Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA) or pre-reform AWA.

  • Your super contributions are made under a state industrial award or preserved state agreement.
  • You are employed under an award or agreement that requires your employer to pay super contributions to a particular super fund.
  • Your employer is a sponsor of a particular defined benefit fund with certain conditions
  • Your employer is required to pay super to the Commonwealth Super Scheme, Public Sector Super Scheme or another unfunded public sector scheme.

Modern awards are a set of industry or occupation based arrangements that outline minimum wages and conditions to which certain employees are entitled. You can find out if you’re covered by an award or agreement by checking with:

  • the Fair Work Ombudsman (for federal/state awards and agreements), or
  • the government agency responsible for workplace relations in your state or territory.

If you are entitled to choose which super fund your Super Guarantee (SG) contributions are paid into, you can choose your own fund by:

  • completing a Standard choice form and giving this to your employer, or
  • providing your employer with a written notice that includes your employee identifier (if you have one) and the following information about your chosen super fund:

−       the fund name, ABN and USI

−       your super account name and number

−       a compliance statement

−       Payment details for making contributions.


You can download this Standard choice form from, or you can use the pre-filled choice form for your relevant BT super plan:


In most circumstances your employer will be required to comply with your choice of fund request, however your employer may refuse a request if:

  • you don’t provide all the required information listed above, or
  • you have nominated another fund in the previous 12 months.

If you give your employer a valid choice of fund request including all of the required information, your employer must start to pay your Super Guarantee (SG) contributions to your new chosen fund within two months after receiving the request. Any SG contributions made in the two months after your employer receives your request can be made to either your employer’s default fund or your new chosen fund.