Get to know your super

At BT we believe it’s important to keep you up-to-date with important changes to your account, the entitlements you have when it comes to super and information about further advice and education available to you.

Setting up your super fund

Provide your Tax File Number (TFN)

It’s important to provide your TFN.  If you don’t you may incur a contribution tax on your Super Guarantee (SG) contributions. If you provide your TFN to your new employer, they are required to give it to your super fund within 14 days or when they first make a super contribution on your behalf.

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Choice of super fund

Most employees are entitled to choose a super fund to receive their Super Guarantee (SG) contributions that their employer makes for them, although this can also depend on the industry awards or agreements applying to your job.

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Changing jobs

Ever wondered what happens to your existing super account when you start a new job or leave? The good news is that you don’t have to let go of your BT Super account when you leave your employer.

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Speak to a BT Consultant

If you have any questions about your super

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Salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice can be a clever way for employees to contribute extra money to super. Find out how it works, why it can be so effective, and how to arrange it with your employer.

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Making extra contributions

In most cases, your employer is required by law to contribute to a certain amount to your super. You can make additional contributions to help grow your super faster. 

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Financial advice

BT offers three levels of financial advice, ranging from general to comprehensive so you can choose the type of advice that matches your needs. Our Advice team can offer general or limited advice over the phone or a Westpac planner can make a visit to your home. We also work with a number of External Financial Advisers.

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Financial education

At BT, we’re committed to providing our members with financial information that will benefit them. BT members are able to benefit from access to our quarterly newsletter; BT’s online community; education from Australia’s first school of money, the Davidson Institute; and the women’s network, Ruby Connection.

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News and insights

We’ll keep you up-to-date with your super fund’s performance, changes in how super is administered and the benefits available to you as a BT Super member. The latest quarterly newsletter and our member information site contain everything you need to know.

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